Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lucifer Is In My Garden

Raise your hand if you clicked to read this post because of the title? Maybe not because of the whole title, but because of the word Lucifer in it. Uh-huh...I thought so. Not that I wouldn’t do the same.

Well, the Lucifer, (a.k.a Satan, the Devil or whatever other name is associated with the evil archenemy of God; you know which dude I’m talking about) is not in my garden. Rather, I picked up a plant that has ‘Lucifer’ in its name. It’s called Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’.

Pretty cool looking plant, no? Apparently, it’s related to the gladiola, and it’s supposed to produce gorgeous, flame-red, funnel-shaped blossoms in mid to late summer. Plus, it’s going to grow anywhere from 3 to 4 feet tall, which is great because I like tall plants. That make flame-red flowers. And have sword-shaped leaves.

You have to wonder, though, why someone would name this plant Lucifer, of all things? I’d be curious to know the story behind that.


  1. Hi, Martha. That really is funny. I, too, wonder about the story behind that name. Hopefully, it won't be devilishly hard to grow! Maybe it just grows really well in very, very hot conditions---like we're having right now. With no rain. It's hell, for sure.

  2. Well, "Lucifer" means "light-bearer," so perhaps it's an allusion to the brightness of the flowers. Plus it gets people's attention.

  3. Ha ha...Beth, you are hilarious! I'm reminded once more how much I enjoyed your blog posts. I hope one day you return to the blogging world. You are missed :)

    Mr. S, you are right. That's exactly what 'Lucifer' means. Still. It's an interesting name to give a plant. And it did draw my attention at the garden center. Maybe that's one reason I bought it.

  4. hi Water roots, this is certainly an amazing plant, very popular over here in england, is it like the flames of hell? it will need to be divided every four or five years or so or else it gradually produces less and less flowers, a whole clump of them is awesome to see...enjoy!

  5. Hi Hazeltree, I'm so happy to hear that. I couldn't resist this plant when I saw it; it just looked so cool. Thanks for the info; I'll keep it in mind!