Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo Of Clair And Bailey

When we first got Bailey, I had no plans to get another ferret; I believed at the time that he’d be fine by himself and that he wouldn’t be lonely. But he was lonely. So we adopted Nacho, our cat, from the humane society and the two got along wonderfully whenever we put them together. And I was sure that Bailey wouldn’t be lonely anymore. I was wrong. Bailey spent a good part of his day in his cage, mostly sleeping, and Nacho roamed freely, so the two didn’t hook up very often, which left Bailey alone...and lonely.

I decided at some point that it’s best to get another ferret to put that loneliness to rest. Enter Clair; a tiny female ferret, cute as a button, that we bought from another owner. She was the only ferret in her old home, so she was probably as lonely as Bailey was. Now the two little fuzzies have each other and they couldn’t be happier.

My daughter took this photo of Bailey and Clair

Two fuzzies are better than one because there’s always someone to cuddle up with...


  1. Aw, they don't look lonely anymore. You're a good ferret parent, Martha.

  2. Thanks, Liza; I adore them both. And I'm glad they have each other.

  3. I think that's something most people don't realize - most animals are very social creatures and need someone else to hang out with. They may think their company is enough, but most animals are an afterthought in busy families and they have to spend hours watching the action from the sidelines. I'm so glad you got a second fuzzy.

  4. You're right, Tatiana. It breaks my heart how some animals are ignored and left alone to be lonely. I couldn't stand to see Bailey alone anymore and brought home Clair. I am so happy I did. When I see them cuddled up together sleeping, my heart swells up. It's so sweet.