Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Day At Canada's Wonderland

Last week, on Thursday, we spent the day at Canada’s Wonderland, a 330-acre theme park in Vaughan, Ontario, which is located within the Greater Toronto area, that features over 200 attractions.

One of the rides we all got on was this one:

It’s called the Psyclone; it goes back and forth as it spins and turns, eventually reaching heights of over 120 feet. It isn’t the most frightening ride, but it does wake you up.

And yes, we did ride ‘The Behemoth’, one of the newest and most exhilarating additions to the park. It’s the roller coaster of roller coasters, taking you up to 230 feet and then sending you speeding down at a 75 degree angle with speeds reaching 125 kilometers (78 miles) an hour! It has open air seating, so you don’t miss a thing, and the track length is 5,318 feet. You feel like it’ll never end. It was the most terrifying – and amazing – roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on.

Not sure I would do it again. You know, the heart can only handle so much...


  1. It would be more than enough for me just to watch the rides, you'd never get me on them.

  2. Crafty gardener, I made it to three and then called it quits; so did hubby. The kids went on about 10 or so. There's no way I can do that anymore; in my youngers years, maybe, but now, no way!

  3. Holy moley, that's a gooder! I love rides, but am scared of heights, which only adds to the fun, but that's a tall one!

  4. I'm exactly the same way, Tatiana. I love the rides but I am terrified of heights. I end up riding with my eyes closed every time!