Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dragonflies Are The Coolest Bugs

Last weekend, we took a drive over to Sandbanks Provincial Park; one of southern Ontario’s most delightful recreational spots located near Picton, Ontario. We walked along the beach and took some nice photographs.

On our way back to our car, my husband pointed out a couple of dragonflies sitting on the tips of a couple of car antennas. Lucky for me, these amazing critters stayed put long enough for me to photograph them.

Aren’t they incredible? I love dragonflies. They’re just so darn cool.


  1. Great photos, Martha! I love dragonflies, too, but we don't seem to have many around our place. Not enough water, I guess. Lots of butterflies though...

  2. I love them too, Beth. They are the greatest! I've actually seen more dragonflies this year than any other; maybe yours are up here hanging out in my backyard. Must be all those birdbaths I've added; lots of water for them :)