Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Single Photograph

As much as I love Dahlias, I’m not sure if I’m going to grow them next year. They performed wonderfully in the spring but looked miserable during most of the summer. Seems to me they don’t handle the heat very well. At least not where my garden is concerned.

But now that it’s cooler, they are blooming away, and they look fabulous. Still. No matter how amazing they look once again, I don’t think I’ll be including Dahlias in my garden next year. We’ll see.


  1. Martha girl that is what I have experienced with dahlia too .. time and effort I put into them and the problem with earwigs who love eating them .. well .. like you said "is it worth it?" .. nah !
    Hey how is "baby" doing and the rest of the crew ?
    Joy : )

  2. What's a hot summer? :) But you sure have enough beautiful flowers to choose from anyway.

  3. Joy, I don't think I will be buying any dahlias next year. I wasn't impressed with them. 'Baby' is doing great; she's now free to roam around the house - and she's loving it!

    Tatiana, our Canadian 'hot summers' don't compare to really hot regions, but we'll take whatever summer we can get. We do have some nice choices here; you should honestly consider ditching that cold region you live in and moving somewhere where winter doesn't start during the summer season!