Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garden Blooms

Okay, I’m kind of cheating in this week’s post because it’s obvious, being almost mid October and cold and stuff like that there, that not all these photos were taken recently. And that’s true. Some of these photos were taken anywhere from a few days to a few weeks ago, which, come to think of it now, is not that long ago. So hey, I’m not really cheating. There still are pretty flowers in the garden. Well, some. And I just want to show them off.

Now, enjoy them. Damn it.

Most of the plants are looking extremely tired, but a few are still hanging on, making the best of whatever time they have left before the really nasty weather kicks in. And until that time, I can continue to enjoy these late bloomers.


  1. The orange-yellows, in particular, really *pop*.

  2. Those are my favourties, red-handed. They just brighten up my day.