Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October To One And All

Can you believe it’s already October? Where did September go? I blinked and it was gone...


A few highlights for this month:

- In my neck of the woods, October is the month where we experience our first frost (bleh), usually around the 10th day or so.

- In October, the leaves on the trees change colours (into gorgeous autumn shades) and begin to fall. We spread our fallen leaves around the lawn and mulch them, so there’s no raking and bagging of leaves, which can be quite a drag if you have a lot of deciduous trees on your property.

- Most of the birds will be gone by the first frost (sniff...I will miss them) and will not return until spring (sigh...).

- Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. (mmm...turkey...pumpkin pie...)

- Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, something kids (big and small) look forward to. This is one of my favourite holidays of the year.

There are many more interesting things about October (I’m not going to list them all today; perhaps I’ll save them for one of my ‘Thursday’s Trivia’ posts); it is one of the most colourful and charming months of the year.

So, happy October, everyone; I hope you all have a great month ahead.

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