Friday, October 22, 2010

In Loving Memory Of Mr. Inski...

From the moment Mr. Inski emerged in the spring, he visited our backyard daily, stopping by to nibble the goodies I put out for him, and then grabbing a few and dashing off with them to store in his home for his winter slumber.


Last week, my husband saw him climbing over our fence into our neighbour’s yard where their rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! - got him. My husband ran into the neighbour’s yard in hopes of rescuing Mr. Inski (you gotta love a man that will do something so sensitive) but that rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – dove underneath the balcony (with the poor little chipmunk between his jaws) – where he couldn’t be reached. And so Mr. Inski met with a horrible fate.

My husband, who was really mad (he adores chipmunks) that day, told me about this incident but didn’t specify at the time that it was Mr. Inski that the rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – had killed. Rather, he’d told me that he’d seen the neighbour’s rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – snatch a chipmunk and that he’d run over in hopes of saving it.

So, I had no idea – until a couple of hours ago - that it was Mr. Inski who’d been preyed on. Sure I'd felt awful last week learning about a chipmunk that been killed by our neighbour’s rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! - but I'd also felt relieved that it wasn’t our chipmunk that our neighbour’s rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – had grabbed.

And how did I find out?


Well, while we were sitting and having supper, I said “I haven’t seen Mr. Inski for quite some time; I guess he must have gone into hibernation for the winter” to which my husband replied “Or he’s dead.”

And that’s when he told me that the chipmunk that our neighbour’s rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – had killed was Mr. Inski. He didn’t actually tell me as much as he was reminding me. He assumed that I knew that it had been Mr. Inski he’d been talking about last week and that I’d simply forgotten. Or that I thought Mr. Inski had managed to get away.


I can’t tell you how heartbroken I am with this news. I wish I’d never said anything at supper because I wouldn’t have know about this sad incident if I’d just kept my mouth shut. Ignorance is bliss, you know. And yes, people, I’m aware that it’s just a chipmunk. But I’d been feeding this little creature all summer long, and I’d been enjoying his daily visits, so excuse me for having become quite fond of him.

Poor Mr. Inski...

As for that rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat, I hate him! He’s not the only one roaming the neighbourhood. Most of our neighbours with cats let them go outdoors, so every now and then I catch one in our backyard. I always chase them away but they always come back, which frustrates the hell out of me. There has to be a way to keep them out for good. I mean, I do love cats, I have two of my own, but I don’t want someone else’s cat on my property. Damn it. And I especially don’t want my neighbour’s rotten, miserable, nasty, stupid cat – yes, I hate this cat! – coming around. Ever.


Rest in peace, Mr. Inski. We’ll miss you, little dude...


  1. Martha girl I am so sorry .. I would have been a punch to my stomach as well knowing this had happened. I makes me so crazy too when I find cats in our yard .. thankfully not too much of going on with that ever since those other nasty neighbors moved out of the neighborhood ..
    My sympathies for Mr. Inski .. he was a lovely little soul and will be remember for being exactly that.

  2. Aw, Martha, I'm sorry about your furry chipmunk friend. That sucks when you've been feeding it all summer. To be fair to the cat, though, he's just being a cat. He knows no other way. Cats are super territorial - that's why they're constantly scouring the neighborhood.

    There is no way to stop neighbor cats from strolling through your property. The only thing you can do is change the way you view it. I'm sorry, I don't mean to diminish your sadness about what happened - I'd feel the same way. But I do hope you can diminish your anger at the cat.

  3. That's the thing - the cat is doing what cats do.

    Wouldn't your anger be more properly directed at the negligent owners? If there are lots of people letting their cats out, you could do a small neighborhood flyer campaign and educating people on the dangers of cats and outdoors, mentioning the damage they do to local bird populations, getting into people's yards (where by law you can trap them and turn them over to animal by-law services), etc etc. You could also mention outdoor animals often bring home diseases and worms... gross.

    But I know how you feel, once I had a cat (who accidentally got out), killed by a coyote, and believe my I *hated* coyotes for about six months with a passion. Coyotes kill lots of pets around here, small dogs too, and still tons of people let their cats out.

    Congrats on the new blog!

  4. Joy, the amount of cats roaming our neighbourhood really put a strain on the chipmunk population. It's kind of sad really. Our next door neighbour's cat is probably the biggest thorn in my side. He comes around much too often.

    Good to grow, I know. He really is doing what cats do. Mine would do the same if I left them out. And in the past, I've had cats that have done some hunting, which isn't a pretty sight, but all part of being a cat.

    Actually, there are a couple of things I can do about the cat if I really wanted to take things to an extreme level. We have by-laws that do not permit one person's pet to be on another person's property. I can a) report this and the owners will get a warning to keep their pet indoors or get fined in the future, or b) I can trap the cat if it's on my property and (like Tatiana says below) turn it over to animal by-law services. In other words, I don't have to put up with this on my own property if I don't have to. Just because someone thinks their cat should be outdoors doesn't mean I have to have that cat bothering me on my own land. But I haven't done anything about it, which means that I'm not that bothered by it. Sure I'm really upset right now, but I agree, this is what cats do. Now, if my neighbour's cat started causing damage on my property or to my home, then I wouldn't hesitate to 1) speak to my neighbours about it and then 2) report my neighbours if they didn't do something about their cat and finally 3) trap the cat and have the animal by-law services handle it. Personally, I think that it's a tough life for cats that are left roaming outside. Coyotes have been seen around here, so that cat is in as much danger as those poor chipmunks are.

    Yup, Tatiana, cats do what cats do. I'm just upset right now, but I do understand. My neighbour's cat is always outdoors, so I do keep an eye on him. Whenever I spot him trying to enter our backyard, I scare him away. He knows he's not welcome here. It's too bad that our neighbours don't worry about him; people have spotted coyotes around here.

    Anyway, if I was really, really angry, I could complain about this cat (we have our by-laws) and the family next door would get a warning. I haven't because the cat's not that much trouble; he's just being a cat. I did hear about one neighbour further down the street that got a warning to keep their cat indoors. Apparently, he'd been visiting another neighbour's yard and making a mess in the garden, so the people whose garden was getting messed up got fed up and reported it. The owners of the cat got a warning to keep their cat inside, and off the other neighbour's property, and were told that the next time they'd get fined. Not sure how much the fine is but that's how the by-laws work here. One person's pet shouldn't be another person's burden.

  5. Whew. Totally agree, especially since cats are such menaces to chipmunks, birds, bunnies, etc. I really resent people who let their cats out outside of farms, but try my best to get along.

    It's funny because for the last few days I've been leaving a bowl of food out for a small orange cat that I think is a stray as he's unfixed. (If you don't neuter your cat, I WILL trap him and turn him over to the vet, people that ignorant have no business owning pets).

    Anyway, today a neighbors cat stopped by, he's a local outdoor cat with a collar and bell, and he's super friendly. Him and his collared friend cruise the neighborhood and play with local kids. I was JUST outside talking to him and he had a snack from the outside bowl. So there I am, the cat, two bunnies across the street in a foggy night. It was slightly surreal. He's a good cat, but I'd be heartbroken if something happened to him, like a car or coyote. A coyote just killed a dog in our park this weekend. Someone saw him dragged into the bushes. Sorry for the stream of consciousness, I'm all over the place here, and I hope Mr. Inski is in chipmunk heaven stuffing his cheeks.

  6. That would be really sad if that friendly cat was killed while he did his rounds outside. But that's the risk pet owners take when they leave their cat outdoors. And I couldn't agree with you more about the neutering remark you made. The last thing we need is more cats. There are enough in shelters waiting for homes - or for the end, sad as that may be.