Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, would ya looky here. Looks like we done got us our very bona fide redneck up here in our northern woods...

Recently, I ran across a news article about a man in Nova Scotia that admitted to setting fire to a two-metre wooden cross (with a noose attached to it) on an interracial couple’s lawn earlier this year (February).

Say what?

[Jaw drops...]

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s the year 2010, buddy. We’re supposed to be over burning crosses on lawns. Get with the program already. What are you, slow?


I think what startled me the most is the perpetrator’s age. 20! Can you believe this?

When I first ran across the news story, I automatically assumed that the man accused of the crime was older. Maybe 60 – 70ish. It’s not that I think all older white men are close-minded. Or bigots. Or, you know, rednecks. I don’t. It just never crossed my mind that it could be a very young person. Mostly because I was under the (false) impression that the younger generations (because of exposure to different cultures and races, because of more education and because of the availability of infinite – sometimes intelligent - data at the touch of a mouse click), would be much, much more open-minded. Tolerant. Informed. Enlightened. And basically, respectful of their neighbours and fellow human beings. Diverse or not.

But then along comes this young man, barely out of his teen years, burning a cross with a noose attached to it on an interracial couple’s property.


I guess I was wrong.


So this young racist appeared before a packed courtroom last week and pleaded guilty to criminal harassment of the interracial couple who live in a small, nearby community. But he maintains that he is innocent of inciting racial hatred, a charge to which he pleaded not guilty. I’m guessing his lawyer advised him to plead innocent on the latter charge because he (lawyer) is quoted as saying “We have an act of burning a cross but we have no incitement of others" and he goes on to say that while his client’s action was “nasty, crude and contemptible, there was no evidence that it stirred up racial hatred among others. To the contrary, residents organized an anti-racism march.”

Are you for real counselor?


Where is my barf bag?

Yes, counselor, thankfully this junior redneck’s actions didn’t stir up any negative actions from others (so far). But this is mostly because it’s the year 2010. What would have happened, though, if this racist action was done, let’s say, about 100 years ago? Do you think the neighbours of the victims would have organized an anti-racist march? Or a lynching?

And counselor, while you’re advising your hillbilly of a client (who I’m ashamed to say is a Canadian) on how to lessen his punishment, perhaps you can recommend that he take up more appropriate hobbies. I mean, really now; burning crosses is so passé.

Oh, when will the rednecks of the world go the way of the dodo?

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  1. Good Morning Martha girl
    It is sad to say there is quite a large group of Canadian "rednecks" that exist not only in Nova Scotia but in every province and territory we have.
    Sadly it stings more coming from Nova Scotia .. my love for that province slapped in the face for that one.
    Sometimes there is no light at the end of these people's "tunnel vision" and life goes on .. but we always seem to take note eh ?
    Joy : )

  2. You're right, Joy; it's sad but true that there are a large group of Canadians similar to this young man. I hope that as the generations progress, these types of people become fewer and fewer. It's the year 2010, for heaven's sake; you'd think a young man like this would be way past this type of thinking. What business is it of his, anyway, what type of couple this is? He should stay on his side of the fence and leave other people alone.

  3. I like the new name of your blog. I've updated my blogroll so that I can keep up to date with you as you plow through life.

  4. Honey, it ain't just you guys. This kid had crappy parents. That's universal.

    It really gets my craw when people say things like, "that boy better pull himself up by the bootstraps." They don't get it - if no one tells you about bootstraps, you don't even know that they're there.

    Martha, I love that you know enough to make a difference. To make a better life through plants and gardening. I've really appreciated your evolution..

  5. Crafty gardener, thank you. I finally got around to changing the name of my blog; something I'd been considering for a long time.

    Goot to grow, I agree for the most part. Parents play a fundamental role in how kids turn out. But other aspects (school, friends, neighbours, society as a whole, the media, etc...) also play a key role. As the saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child..." It's too bad this young man is this way - with hate in his heart for no good reason.

  6. Sigh, the idiots are breeding. I can't even express any outrage at this, because it's so lame and sad, and like you said last century. I do wish there was a way to increase humanity's IQ, but examples abound of that not being the case.

  7. It really is sad, Tatiana. I'm afraid that there will always be idiots around, no matter how much progress we think we've made. This case shocked me mostly because of it being such a young man. I expected him to be much more 'enlightened'.