Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Blog’s Weekly Themes

Now that the name of my blog has finally been changed, I’m concentrating on weekly themes. I’ve added a couple of new ones and will probably consider a few more. Weekly themes give me something to focus on, so that I always have a particular post to fall back on to keep the blog flowing. This doesn’t mean that I’m never going to go beyond these themes; sometimes I may skip them completely to work on a different type of post. It just means that if I’m stuck on ideas for a blog post, there’s always the default theme.


So here are the weekly themes, if anyone is interested. Not that I expect anyone to be (I’m sure you all have better things to do), but I figured that, what the heck, I’d list them either way.


Monday's Musings (my thoughts and feelings about a variety of themes)


Tasty Tuesday (recipes)


Wednesday’s Words Of Wisdom (This is a new addition that will include an image with a quotation in it.)


Thursday’s Trivia (useless but interesting information)


Ferrety Friday (photos and/or information about ferrets)

Friday’s Flower Pot (This is also a new addition that will include care information about houseplants.)


Saturday Silliness (humor, jokes)


Snapshot Sunday (interesting, favourite photos)

So that’s what’s happening so far. Although almost every day has something attached to it, it doesn’t mean that I won’t stray from it from time to time. For example, Friday might include both Ferrety Friday and Friday’s Flower Pot one week, and then include only one or the other the next. There may even come a time when it’ll include neither.

Wednesdays will almost always include an image with a quotation in it, but it’s often a day that I use to talk about my garden. And, of course, any day of the week may include garden-related topics on top of everything else.

The whole point of all this is that I’d like to keep my blog busy, which in turn will keep me writing, taking photos and working with a photo editor, all things that I enjoy very much.

We’ll see how it goes.


  1. I do think having themes keeps the blogging easier. I jump around from everything to other stuff and never know what I'll be writing about :). But I know I'm not disciplined enough to have actual days, so I'm envious.

  2. I like the theme idea but have you really got that much to say about ferrets?

  3. Tatiana, having themse is probably the only way to keep me focused on my blog. It also allows me to schedule posts for the future, which is great. I have dated all the way to the New Year because of these themes. For example, I can prepare two months worth of posts for 'Thursday's Trivia'. And that's cool.

    Catharine, ferrety Friday has been a theme for quite some time on this blog. I often write about care information pertaining to these pets because a lot of people don't know much about them, end up getting them as a pet just because they think they're 'kind of cute' and then end up getting rid of them or neglecting them, which is very sad. So I like to share info about these little animals. Some ferrety Fridays, I just show photos of my own ferrets and add very little text. If I ever run out of ideas (and photos) for this topic, I can concentrate on the other theme, Friday's Flower Pot. So it's all good.