Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Bold Little Critter

It seems to me that as it becomes increasingly difficult to find food, the outdoor critters become much bolder around us humans.

Take, for instance, this grasshopper parked on one of my purple coneflowers:

Do you see him?

How about now?

Let’s move in much closer:

Ah, there he is...

It astonished me how close this little dude let me get to him. I put my camera in macro mode and held it about 4 inches away from him...and yet...he just stayed put as I snapped a few photos. In return for allowing me to play with the macro feature on my new camera, I spared him his life. Cause you know, grasshoppers are real pests in the garden and under other circumstances I wouldn’t have let him get away with hanging around my coneflowers.

I didn’t tell him about all the spiders living nearby, though... [sinister laugh...]


  1. Great photos with your new camera. I love macro shots.

  2. Thanks, crafty gardener. I love macro shots, too. And I sooo love my new camera!