Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beautiful Blue Jays

Let me start by apologizing for the poor quality of the photos below. They’re not horribly, terribly awful...but they’re not the greatest. First, they were taken in haste; birds don’t sit and pose for the camera, so you only have so much time before they’re gone; this time includes waiting for the camera to load, which can seem like eternity at times. And second, the photos were taken through my kitchen window, which a) has UV protection and b) is (shamefully) dirty.

But, the photos are what they are, and I’m posting them because I love blue jays and I’ll grab whatever photos I can get when they’re visiting.

Aren’t these birds just stunning? Love ‘em...


  1. Hey Martha girl .. I am working on an e-mail as I am over here commenting on your post .. talk about multi-tasking myself silly ? You have beautiful Blue Jays there ! we have had a few but like you said they are FAST and so hard to get a proper picture of .. you did great !
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend : )

  2. I love these birds, Joy; they are so entertaining - and colourful! They visit every day now that the robins are gone. I toss them peanuts, which they love, and they keep coming back for more.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you too!

  3. I love blue jays.....they are fun birds to have around...can be aggressive towards others...but they are blue and blue is my favorite color:)And they have a funny personality.

  4. Rohrerbot, blue is my favourite colour, too. Maybe that's one reason I like these birds so much. And you're right; they can be aggressive towards others, but I forgive them since they're so gorgeous - and so full of personality!