Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hydrangeas Hanging Around

I love the way my neighbour’s hydrangea blooms hang over my fence this time of year:

They add colour to my garden during the time of year when there’s very little of it outdoors.

Aren’t the flowers just lovely? You really can’t go wrong with hydrangeas.


  1. That is the best kind of gardening ... your neighbour does the work and you appreciate the beauty.

  2. Ain't that the truth, crafty gardener? A few of his daylilies sneak into my yard as well, which is great!

  3. Martha girl it takes me forever to get anywhere on here lately .. and I was going to mention how gorgeous that was when i was there last !
    One of the best bits of gardening is when you have a freebie like that ... but maybe it is trying to make up for the magnolia petals ?? LOL
    Did you see the snow today ????? eeeekkkk !
    I still have bulbs to plant from Vesey EEKK !! LOL
    Happy Halloween girl !!

  4. Joy, I hope you had a lovely Halloween. We had a terrible turn out this year; not that many kids. Now we're stuck with all this chocolate...poor us :)

    I really like the hydrangea in my neighbour's yard. I had thought about adding one to our garden, but since this one hangs into my yard, I don't need to. I get a freebie from next door.

    Tatiana, this hydrangea is really nice. The way the flowers change colours as autumn progresses is amazing.

  5. How lovely cascading over the fence. I too love Hydrangeas. ;>)

  6. These blooms are so pretty, Carol. My neighbour has good taste :)