Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suggestions Needed

Dear blog visitors (yes, you too, the ones that lurk but never leave comments), I would really appreciate your help with a couple of things.

1) For quite awhile, I maintained (and regularly updated) a website about houseplants (yes, it was called Water Roots), which I really enjoyed. But it wasn’t free (I had to pay for the domain name and web hosting), so eventually I reached a point where I didn’t want to be burdened with that expense anymore. Anyway. To make a long story short, I want to incorporate a weekly post about houseplants on my blog. I have a lot of articles from my Water Roots website that I can bring in; once all those articles are added to this blog, I can work on others.

Now, what I need from you dear readers is a catchy, creative title for a day of the work that will focus on houseplants. And I can’t for the life of me think of anything!

For those of you who visit my blog regularly, you are aware of some of the weekly topics I try to keep going regularly like:

Monday Musings (my thoughts and ideas about a variety of themes)
Tasty Tuesday (recipes)
Thursday’s Trivia (useless but interesting information)
Ferrety Friday (photos and/or information about ferrets)
Saturday Silliness (humor, jokes)
Snapshot Sunday (interesting, favourite photos)

Nothing, so far, has been dedicated to Wednesdays, although I usually write about garden goings-on. This doesn’t mean that Wednesday has to be the ‘all about houseplants’ day, unless one of you can think of a catchy title for it. And I certainly don’t mind one of the other days having a double theme, which would allow me the opportunity to write about one or the other, or both. For instance, if Monday was dedicated to the musings stuff and to houseplants, then if one week I didn’t feel like writing about my thoughts on a particular topic, I would write about houseplants. And maybe on some Mondays, when I had more time and felt very creative, I’d add two posts.

You know what I mean?

So if you have some good ideas for a catchy title (for any day of the week), I would love to hear from you.

2) I would like to change my blog’s name. Because the posts on it are so diverse, covering so many aspects of day to day living, I’d like to give it a more fitting name. Again, I can’t come up with a single thing; it seems my imagination and creativity are at a standstill. So I’m reaching out to you, my readers, for suggestions. If you can come up with an interesting blog name, please share it with me. If I like it, and it’s available, I will use it.

Thanks for reading this. I hope to hear from some of you!


  1. What about not having a dedicated day of the week at all and just having a series title like "Inside for the Day"? So if you wrote an article on African violets, you could title the article, "Inside for the Day: African Violets". Then there's some organization/theme, but you aren't constrained to a day of the week. I participate in Cactus Monday, but that's because it's a theme hosted by another blogger and only occurs on Mondays.

    Idea for Blog Title: Rooted.

    Good luck on the changes and decision making!

  2. Hmmm I suck at creative names, so I'm not your best resource, but I like notsoangryredhead's suggestions. Sorry!

  3. Thanks for writing in, notsoangryredhead; I really appreciate it... As you can see, I've found a new blog name. Rooted was not available, so I couldn't use it. Thanks anway!

    Tatiana, I'm usually better at helping others than helping myself. But I managed to come up with something last night, so here we are...

  4. Hey I just saw this now ! .. good grief I am caught in some kind of time warp or "groundhog day" trap ? eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk !!
    PS .. I really like your new name girl ! : )

  5. Ha ha...that movie is hilarious; I should watch it again soon.

    I'd been thinking of changing the name to my blog for a long time. I wanted something more fitting. I'm very happy with my new blog's name.