Monday, November 15, 2010

Interspecies Adoption

I tried searching on the internet for significant and interesting information on why maternal behavior often crosses species lines, but couldn’t find anything fascinating enough to share with you all. There seem to be plenty of cases of domestic cats and dogs adopting orphaned animals, but less so of undomesticated animals. I’m not sure if this is because interspecies adoption of wild animals has been documented less frequently. Or if it doesn’t happen that often. Or if I’m not searching properly.

In any case, it doesn’t really matter. Let’s just say that once in awhile, instead of dying after they lose their mother, baby animals get adopted by another animal, and sometimes they get adopted by a different species, which is very touching and awfully cute. And it’s also very fascinating how, despite biological differences, animals belonging to different families can occasionally coexist peacefully and that their maternal instincts are often more powerful than species boundaries.

That being said, below is a video of an example of interspecies adoption that involves a domestic cat and a baby squirrel. The story goes that a baby squirrel fell out of a nest and landed in some woman’s yard. Because the woman was unable to put the little baby back in its nest, she put it in the box with her cat’s litter of kittens and hoped for the best. Well, the momma cat, whose name is Emmy, immediately accepted the baby squirrel and started feeding and taking care of it as if it was her own. Not only has the baby squirrel been thriving since then, it’s also learned to purr.

This is an awesome story. Take a look:

I love these types of stories. They always do my heart some good. I’ll have to include more of them on my blog in the future.


  1. I love those stories and there are several on the internet, like a dog helping to raise a baby deer, and others. Once in a while animals develop great friendships across species lines too, my favorite being the crow who adopted a wee black kitten. It kept it out of danger, and helped it find food and cross the road. It's amazing, here's a clip if you haven't seen it.

  2. I love these types of stories, Liza. They really warm the heart. The little squirrel is such a cute little critter. I'm so glad he was adopted and was able to stay alive.

    Me, too, Tatiana; these types of stories are always the best!

    I watched the clip about the crow and the kitten and loved it! What an amazing story. And what an amazing friendship. That crow is really something.