Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye To Our Sweet Clair...

Our tiny female ferret, Clair, passed away in the wee hours of the morning. She became extremely ill without warning and deteriorated so quickly, and to such a horrible degree, that it was shocking.

I won’t be writing about what happened to her today; it’s much too soon. I’m still stunned and upset about losing her, and about Bailey being alone again. We’re going to have to decide at some point what to do next so he doesn’t remain lonely. He’s only 17 months old, much too young to spend the rest of his life without a fuzzy friend. He can live anywhere from 6 – 10 years, and that’s too long for any animal to be without its own kind.

I just wanted to take a moment to announce Clair’s passing to all my regular readers who have read all about her (especially on ferrety Fridays) since she came to be with us in the beginning of this year. I’ll write about the details of her sudden death sometime in the future.

In the meantime, there's this...

Rest in peace, sweet little girl. We will all miss you.


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that, and I'd like to extend my condolences to your entire family, furry ones included. It always sucks when losing a pet, it helps to be extra gentle with each other while time heals. Hugs.

  2. Mr. S., that's pretty much the look I've been walking around with these days. Poor little critter; she got so ill.

    Thanks, Tatiana. Yup, it really sucks when you lose a sweet pet. And for me it's not so much losing a pet as it is HOW Ilose a pet. Poor little girl got very sick, very fast. She was never that healthy to begin with; I don't think her previous owners took very good care of her and she didn't grow as healthy as she could have. And I truly believe that she was older than we were told. In her final days, she had all the symptoms of heart disease, typical of older ferrets. In hindsight, I can see some signs that things were not right with her for a few weeks. I miss her, but if she did have heart disease, there was no hope for recovery, so I'm relieved that she's at peace. I'll write about her final days later on; I'm not ready to do that. It's too soon.

  3. I've had this tab open all day trying to think of what to write. Your story with Clair reminds me so much of my brother's cat. We had almost no indication anything was wrong, when we finally noticed he was losing weight it was too late, he died two days before his vet appointment.

    I was very sorry to read this this morning, she seemed like such a sweet ferret.

  4. Andrew, Clair's case was similar to your brother's cat. She lost some weight, too, but she'd always been a little up and down with that, so I didn't really pay much attention to it. Plus, she was a little undersized to begin with. I hate seeing any creature suffer; that was the hard part. She was sweet and we'll miss her. I'm happy that at least she had a happy home while she was with us.

  5. Oh I'm so so sorry to hear about Claire. So sudden for you. Thinking of you and we'll miss little Claire.

  6. Thanks, Linda. I didn't expect to lose her so soon; I thought she'd be with us for awhile still. We're going to miss her little fuzzy face. But at least she's at peace; no more suffering.

  7. As far as suffering goes, it's AWFUL to watch a pet suffer. I wish vets would give you an emergency syringe to have on hand that can be a massive painkiller dose - not like euthanasia, but just something to relieve pain.

  8. Oh no...I'm so sorry, Martha! I took a while away from the internet so was scrolling down today to catch up on your posts when I saw this. It is so hard to lose a pet that's been such an important member of the family. We've lost several of our beloved dogs in the past and I still miss them. Thinking of you and your family and of poor little Bailey---I know he'll miss his playmate and friend.

  9. Tatiana, I was thinking the same thing the other day! At some point I wished I had kept the pain killer from Nacho's surgery when I got her fixed. We didn't use up all the syringes and I swear I would have considered using it the last few hours of Clair's life. Of course, thinking it and doing it are two different things. I probably would have been worried what it would have done to her. Still. I wished for a way to make her much more comfortable. I had accepted that she was going to die; I was okay with that. I just couldn't stand watching her suffer; that's where it got hard.

    Beth, thank you. I have a weakness when it comes to animals suffering. Actually, I have this weakness for children and the elderly, too (especially the elderly that are sick or weak). I guess I'm very sensitive when it comes to animals and people who are vulnerable. I've lost pets in the past, so I can handle letting them go. I just can't stand to watch them suffer.