Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cactus In Bloom

I bought this little plant during last year’s holiday season, and although I didn’t expect it to bloom this year because I didn’t give it any special care or anything, it did so anyway. And right before Christmas, too! You gotta love a holiday plant that does that.

How a tiny little thing like this produces such bold, beautiful blooms is beyond me. When one of my houseplants flowers for me, I am simply overjoyed, especially this time of year when the outdoors (in cold regions like mine) is severely lacking of greenery.

This cute little plant sits in my kitchen where it receives a lot of light, but not too much direct sun. It’s obviously very happy in that spot, and that’ll be its home permanently. Maybe next year, it’ll bloom for me again – right before Christmas! One can certainly hope.


  1. Of course it's going to bloom - you have her sitting in a pot of gumballs. What plant wouldn't respond to that??

  2. Ha ha...very cute, Liza! But I wouldn't recommend biting down on one of these 'gumballs' just might break a tooth!

  3. When your old Water Roots site was up, it had the best article/blog on Christmas cactus care I have found anywhere. Would you still happen to have that article, or could link it? Thank you!

  4. Not sure if you ever get this message, Rhiannon, but Hi Rhiannon, posted care information about the Christmas cactus on my blog today. It’s the article from my old website. In case you are interested, it can be found here: