Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Of Spaz

It is unbelievably difficult to snap a decent photo of Spaz. He can’t stand still for more than a second or two because he’s so spastic! But here’s a decent one of him that I managed to capture with my camera after a gazillion attempts.

Isn’t he just the cutest? Next to Bailey, of course.

If you’re considering getting a ferret but not sure whether you want a kit (baby ferret) or an older pet, please bear in mind that younger ferrets can be quite challenging for owners with no previous experience with them. They are highly energetic, they need to be trained (particularly litter-trained) and there may be certain habits (like nipping) that need to be dealt with.

Also, very young ferrets will gnaw incessantly (sometimes at two or three in the morning), as they go through the teething stage, which will keep you up at night. Basically, younger ferrets need substantially more training and socializing than older ones. Just thought you should know.

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