Friday, December 3, 2010

Photos Of Bailey And Spaz

Bailey and Spaz have been getting along wonderfully. They eat, sleep and play together, day in and day out.

There is no fighting, aside from play fighting, or any type of aggressive behaviour between the two fuzzies.

There’s only fun...


And exhaustion from all the fun...

It’s nice that they’ve become such good friends, and have someone to share the mischief with.


  1. Oh you must be relieved that they're getting along so well. They'll always have each other to play with now.

  2. I sure am, Cynthia. All little creatures need a friend to play and live with.

  3. OMG Martha they look like an older and younger brother team ! Too sweet, especially with their little ferrity faces poking out of the tubing how cute can they get ! LOL

  4. Joy, they look very similar. They're even about the same size. I'm most pleased at how well they get along. I'm so happy that Bailey has company after the loss of Clair, so he's not lonely.