Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Single Photograph

With Christmas on its way, I thought I’d share this picture of me and my two brothers visiting with Santa - a long time ago.

This is truly one of my favourite childhood photos. The look of astonishment on all our faces is priceless.


  1. That is such a precious picture Martha .. I have nothing like that from my childhood .. so make sure you hold on to this beauty ! : )
    PS Hope all the little furry souls are having fun over there ! hehehe

  2. Awesome photo indeed. Captures the magic of being a child :)

  3. Joy, this is my absolute favourite childhood photo. I think I'm the only one with a copy, which is scary. I'm going to scan it again, and make more copies. I'd also like to enlarge it and frame it. It's such a great picture.


    Tatiana, you're right. A photo like this captures the magic of being a child. I'm so glad my parents had this photo taken. It's priceless.


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