Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orange You Crazy About Orange Flowers?

Alright, so the title’s a bit cheesy...

It’s just a fun (cheesy) way for me to express my love for orange flowers, my favourite colour in the garden. And this week’s post includes photos of orange blooms that I was fortunate enough to enjoy in my backyard last summer.

Some of the flowers are multi-coloured, like red with orange, and some of them are orangey-yellow or orangey-red, but as long as there’s some trace of orange in them, they qualify for this post. Mostly because I didn’t have a lot of orangey-flowered photos to choose from.

Anyway, here they are...

Thank goodness for all the photos I snapped over the gardening season. They sure come in handy this time of year when there are no signs of botanical life outside. Save for the evergreens, of course. But they’re taking a rest, too.


  1. Along with yellow orange is my favourite colour. How wonderful to view some beautiful flowers on a snowy day.

  2. Martha, if you love orange, grow Tithonia "Torch."
    Can't get much more orange than that!

  3. Thanks goodness for digital cameras, crafty gardener. It allows us to enjoy flowers in the middle of winter!


    So I looked up Tithonia "Torch" and - OHMYGOD - I love it! I'm not sure how/where I'll find it (maybe order seeds), but I'll have to add that to my garden. Yup, Cynthia, you can't get more orange than that.