Friday, February 11, 2011

Do Ferrets Bite?

Of course ferrets bite. And so do dogs and cats and rabbits and hamsters and any other four-legged, furry creature you have living in your home. All animals have the ability to bite and ferrets are no exception. But the fact in the matter is that dogs are five times more likely to bite than a ferret, and their bite is much more damaging. Ferrets are perceived as dangerous when they are far from that. Like any other animal that is abused or provoked, a ferret can become quite aggressive if it feels threatened. Wouldn’t you if you had to defend yourself?

But when these little animals are properly cared for, and handled gently and lovingly, they are unbelievably calm and docile. So be good to your fuzzy.

Right, Bailey?

You got it, little one.

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