Friday, February 18, 2011

How Much Does A Ferret Cost?

The price of a ferret all depends on where you get it from. Typically, you’ll find descented, vaccinated and spayed/neutered ferrets at pet stores for about $200, give or take a few bucks. You’ll probably pay less if you get one directly from a breeder, but the ferret you take home from there won’t be fixed, so you’ll have to factor in spaying/neutering costs, descenting and all the rest. If you have a ferret shelter in your area, you might want to take a look there, too. The price will be much lower than a pet store, and the ferrets will be fixed, vaccinated and most likely descented. You’ll also get one that has a clean bill of health, or information about any health issues.

In addition to the initial cost of picking up a pet ferret, you should factor in a cage and all supplies (food, litter boxes, bedding, etc.), which can total anywhere from $150 - $400, depending on what you select. Plus, the first visit and vaccinations at the vet’s office will cost you over $100.

For a much more affordable option, check classifieds in your local newspaper, or online websites such as (Canadian site).

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