Friday, February 25, 2011

Ferret Nail Clipping

Clipping your ferret’s nails is an important part of grooming. How often you carry this out varies from ferret to ferret; it all depends on how quickly their nails grow, although you should trim nails at least once a month, preferably every two to three weeks. But don’t put you pet’s nail grooming on a strict schedule; clip nails as needed. If your fuzzy’s nails are getting stuck on his bedding, or if they’re very sharp when you’re playing with him, cut them, even if you did just a week ago.

Why is this important? Well...

Nails that are too long can get caught on carpet or other fabrics and break, tear or rip off completely. Aside from the fact that this will be painful for your pet, it’s also an invitation to infection. In addition to injury, nails that are not trimmed regularly will start to curl and grow under. Ack... So clip your ferret’s nails regularly to keep them healthy and strong.

I’ve attached a video from YouTube showing how.

And that’s all there is to it.

[Blush] You’re right, Spaz. It’s shameful. You are way overdue for a trim. Now where are those nail clippers?

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