Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tune Time - You

I was a single mom working full time and taking care of my two young daughters, aged 4 and 9, when I discovered this song in the spring of 2002. I played it every day and sang along with it each and every time. In fact, I sang it so often that I had the lyrics down pat.

I believe that one of the reasons I adored it so much is that it was exactly how I’d feel if I ever crossed paths with that ‘perfect guy’; the type that would rock my quiet world and validate my unyielding (albeit it slightly weakened) belief that there truly is such a thing as soulmates.


One month later, my husband came along and not only rocked my world, but shook the entire universe. We met in May of 2002 and have been blissfully happy ever since. He truly is the “You” in this song...

Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as soulmates...

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