Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Signs Of Life In The Garden

"If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a
flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom."

~ Terri Guillemets ~

I’ve been taking as many pictures as I can these days, trying as hard as possible to capture as much of the rebirth of my garden in its early stages as I possibly can. Many of the plants are still waiting for much warmer weather to make their debut, but a few are starting to spring forward. Below is another round of photos capturing the first signs of life in the garden.

You can never go wrong with sedum.

I adore mini roses, and plan to add more this year.

My beautiful Jacob's ladder is waking up.

Subtle signs of growth.

The roses are on their way.

Reminds me of lettuce.

Mulch or not, they're breaking through.

Ready or not, here they come...

Not sure which plant this is, but it's eager to grow.

I love how red these leaves are.

Any day now one of these bulbs will finally bloom.

The dwarf Korean lilac is on its way.

Can't wait to see my lilies in bloom.


  1. Really nice shots. Everyone is looking very healthy & happy! A small patch of grass in the middle of the yard peeked through here yesterday... :)

  2. That reminds me - I desperately need to get some more mulch for a few spots!

  3. Thanks, Jane. I love spring. There are so many miracles of life all around. And like you, I'm going to need a lot of new mulch.

  4. I love the little sedum - so pretty. WE are currently getting another 10 cm of snow. Ahem.

  5. The way the sedum returns is so adorable. They are growing back very quickly.

    I heard about the snow, Tatiana. It's crazy! I think that would freak me out.