Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is one of the best recipes for cheeseburgers that I’ve ever run across. I hope you enjoy it, too.

(Note: The photo below is not mine. I forgot to snap a photo when I made the burgers, so I had to settle for one from a photo site that offers free images to the public.)



1 lb (450 g) lean minced (ground) beef
2 oz (50 g) fresh breadcrumbs (I use dry)
4 tbsp (60 ml) milk
1 small onion, skinned and finely grated
1/2 level tsp (2.5 ml) prepared mustard
1 tsp (5 ml) Worcestershire sauce
salt and freshly ground pepper
3 Tbsp (40 g) butter
buns and lettuce to serve
slices of Cheddar cheese (or whatever cheese you like)


1. Combine all the ingredients, except the butter, lettuce and cheese. Divide into eight equal-sized pieces.

2. Shape each into a 1 cm (1/2 inch) thick cake.

3. Heat the butter in a frying pan. Add the burgers, three or four at a time and fry briskly for 1 minute on each side. (These burgers on great on the grill!)

4. Reduce heat and cook more slowly for a further 6 - 8 minutes, turning twice.

5. When the burger is cooked, place a slice of Cheddar cheese over the top and grill until the cheese is bubbling.

Serve in a lettuce-lined bun.

The original recipe can be found here.

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