Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chickens In Residential Backyards

Well, it’s official: chickens are legally allowed on residential properties in my beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario.

I’m almost tempted to do this, although the thought of more chores on my list of endless chores leaves me exhausted. I’m curious to see if any of my neighbours get into this. It should be interesting.

If you’re into this, and your city allows it, here is a website packed with useful information:


  1. If and when we ever move back onto an acreage, I would love to have some cluckers. My yard now is way too small, Edmonton is chicken-free for now and my husband would never go for it unless we had a huge yard. I can certainly see both sides of this issue- on one hand there are varying standards of cleanliness and that's what will cause most of the problems between neighbors, on the other hand we have been pushing green living for a number of years - it's all nice in theory, but everything has it's cost...and shouldn't we as a people be able to at least feed ourselves! Something so basic and the vast majority of us are helpless when you think about it. God help us all if a disaster ever occurs and we are cut off from the trucks that bring us our food! lol - I see that i am halfway to a novel here :)

  2. The thing with all this 'green talk' is that for many people it's just that - talk. We blab about green living but aren't really practicing it. Or we practice it on a minimal level; up to where it starts to become uncomfortable. The idea of having chickens appeals to me, but the work that goes with it doesn't. Plus, we don't eat all that many eggs, so I'm not sure what I'd do with them.

    Cleanlines will be the main issue; hopefully people that get into this do a good job with that. I am really curious to see if anyone in my neighbourhood starts this up. We'll see.