Friday, May 6, 2011

Bathing A Ferret (Video)

Awhile back, I wrote about bathing a ferret, so I won’t be doing that today. Instead, I’d like to share a video that shows how it’s done.

Just remember that ferrets do not need to be bathed regularly. Washing them too often strips oils from their body, which will dry out the skin; this will make them feel itchy and uncomfortable. In addition, it increases the production of oils (that’s what causes the musky odor) to compensate for the oils that the bath removed. Therefore, your ferrets will smell worse for awhile after you’ve washed them.

So, wash ferrets occasionally; once a month at most, but preferably no more than a couple of times a year. Unless, of course, your pets get really dirty; then it’s necessary to get them cleaned up.


  1. This was fascinating. I was impressed how unsquirmy Annie was. Ferrets are growing on me :)

  2. I was surprised too. My daughter and I tried to bathe our two ferrets and things didn't go quite as smoothly. Our video would have been a candidate for America's Funniest Home Videos :)