Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heaven ‘Scent’ Hyacinth

I know, I know...the title is a bit cheesy. But it had to be written, folks, because my hyacinth bulbs have blossomed and the smell they emit truly is heavenly. And since they’re planted on the side of our walkway, every time we leave the house, or return home, we get a whiff of their – you guessed it – heavenly scent. And the flowers are pretty to look at, too. Win-win.

Aren’t they – dare I say it? – heavenly?

There’s something so elegant about white flowers, isn’t there?


  1. Gorgeous and I agree with you, they are quite elegant.

  2. I am noticing that all my comments from yesterday were lost in Blogger's update last evening My own post from yesterday mysteriously disappeared and I had to redo it... that being said, these are indeed heavenly. I agree with you that white in the garden is quite elegant. I have white peonies and bleeding hearts and I think they are even more gorgeous because of their color.

  3. Jane, I actually had to put back some posts on my blog. They had vanished into blogger's black hole :)

    I love white in the garden. I have a few plants that make white flowers and I love them. This year I'd like to add white roses; I just have to find the right spot for them.