Monday, May 23, 2011

So Here We All Are. Still.

Hello world!

I see Tommy and Billy. Susie and Mary. Tina and Johnny. Oh, and there’s Jimmy and Debbie and Cathy, too! Hmm... Looks like we’re all still here. Hallelujah! Praise the merciful lord who has found it in his heart to grant us more time to become ‘good’ Christians. Not just any old Christians, mind you, but the good kind.

Okay, so the world didn’t end. Now what? Is Harold Camping going to predict another ‘the-world-is-ending-so-become-a-good-Christian-and-repent-to-save-your-soul’ date? Hasn’t he done this before? (The world was supposed to end in 1994.) When will he get it right? And why aren’t his predictions coming to pass? Is he mistaken? Confused? Lying? A false prophet? One of the not-so-good Christians?

And what happens to people who gave up their life’s savings thinking that they wouldn’t need them? Folks who quit their jobs? Didn’t save up for college tuition for their kids? Quit living? Walked away from everything? Said good-bye to everyone?

Do they go back to work? Rebuild their lives? Do they continue to live on the sidelines while they wait for the world to end next time? Again. Or do they lose their faith and go on to live full and prosperous ‘not-so-good’ Christian lives?

Should I care? I don’t know, probably. Do I? No, not really. Okay, maybe just a little (mostly the really vulnerable people). Still. Individuals who have chosen to follow Harold Camping, and sound the holy trumpet alongside him, have done so of their own free will (or so I hope). And now that the world hasn’t ended and they’re forced to go on like the rest of us, they’ll just have to go back to whatever life awaits them. Good or bad. Richer or poorer. Job or no job. Savings or no savings. And how they choose to live from now on is entirely their business – and their problem.

I sound a little heartless but that’s because I personally think that this group’s mentality stinks from here to high heaven. The very idea that God would only choose to save ‘true believers’ (good Christians) irritates the bejesus out of me. I do not for one moment believe that God divides us into groups. Good Christians. Bad Christians. Non Christians. True Believers. Non-believers. And I certainly don’t believe that God concentrates only on Christians when he never introduced any type of organized religion to begin with. They’re all created by man, so it would be pretty arrogant of anyone to believe that their “man-made” religion is the one that is favoured. I mean really, people, get off your holy high horse. If God decides to beam people up to heaven, they’ll just be good people from all walks of life, some of them atheists. It’s all about how you live your life, how well you’ve treated fellow human beings, not what religion you follow.

Furthermore, I don’t know why these fanatical Christians dragged the bible into this as a way of validating their (didn't happen) prediction. The Bible itself is pretty clear about Armageddon: Matthew 24:36 says, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

No one. Not even God’s son.

Except for Harold Camping, of course. He knows. Uh-huh...

So the world goes on. Looks like I’ll have to do that laundry, after all. Darn.


  1. "Stinks from here to high heaven" You said it. Though I can't help but feel sorry for Harold's mixed-up followers...they must be feeling quite disappointed that everything didn't pan out as they'd planned - optimum phrase being '"they'd planned" Everything they did was out of fear - very sad. I read that some people spent their retirement savings, quit jos etc. It's actually pretty shocking.

  2. I see you too!! I just knew that I would be reading another Monday Musing on your blog.

    Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

  3. Jane, as much as I try to convince myself otherwise, I do feel a little sympathetic. Can't help it. But most of it is geared toward people that are truly vulnerable; people who are easy targets. This man (false prophet) has done this before, which I've no doubt ruined lives, so he should be completely ashamed of himself. Good Christian? Him? No way. They don't get any worse than him!


    Hi Crafty Gardener! Yup, I see you, too :) The weekend has been lovely (save for the tons of laundry). My family came in from out of town, and we all had a wonderful time together. Glad the world went on; there are a lot of good things in it :)

  4. Hey there Martha girl : ) I see you too and all the furry creatures over there !LOL
    I laughed to see you use bejesus .. it cracked me right up (ok .. my sense of humor is weird but funny darn it !).
    Yes .. weak people are easily lead by fear mongers and that guy is so twisted it is a wonder he can walk .. hum .. I wonder where he is walking to now?
    Hey your blog is looking great by the way !
    Joy (at the other end of town) .. it is raining here with gusts of wind .. hum .. no BBQ'ing ?

  5. Hiya Joy! Love the word 'bejesus'. I've got a few other funny (weird, outdated) ones up my sleeve :)

    This man has just predicted another date for the end of the world. I suspect more lives will be ruined. It's sad.

    Looks like it's going to be a nice day today. Garden, here I come! YAHOO!