Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today's Trivia – Baby Animal Names

Have you ever wondered what baby animals are called? Well, if you have, stick around because this week’s trivia is all about baby animal names...

Alligator: hatchling
Alpaca: cria
Antelope: calf
Ape: baby
Armadillo: pup
Badger: kit, cub
Bat: pup
Bear: cub
Beaver: pup, kitten
Bee: larva
Bird: hatchling, chick
Bison, Buffalo: calf
Boar: piglet, shoat, farrow
Butterfly: caterpillar, larva, pupa, chrysalis
Camel: calf
Cat: kitten
Cattle: calf
Cheetah: cub
Chicken: chick, pullet (young hen), cockrell (young rooster)
Clam: larva
Cockroach: nymph
Codfish: codling, hake, sprag, sprat
Coyote: pup, whelp
Crane: chick
Crow: chick
Deer: fawn
Dinosaur: hatchling, juvenile
Dog: pup, puppy
Dolphin: pup, calf
Donkey: colt, foal
Dove: squab, chick
Duck: duckling
Eagle: fledgling, eaglet
Eel: leptocephalus (larva), elver (juvenile)
Elephant: calf
Elk: calf
Emu: chick, hatchling
Falcon: chick
Ferret: kit
Fish: fry, fingerling
Finch: chick
Fly: maggot
Fox: kit, cub, pup
Frog: tadpole, polliwog, froglet
Gerbil: pup
Giraffe: calf
Gnat: larva
Gnu: calf
Goat: kid, billy
Goose: gosling
Gorilla: infant
Grasshopper: nymph
Guinea pig: pup
Gull: chick
Hamster: pup
Hare: leveret
Hawk: eyas
Hedgehog: piglet, pup
Heron: chick
Hippopotamus: calf
Hornet: larva
Hog: shoat, farrow
Horse: foal, colt (male), filly (female)
Hound: pup
Human: baby, infant, toddler
Hummingbird: chick
Hyena: cub
Jay: chick
Jellyfish: ephyna
Kangaroo: joey

Koala: joey
Lark: chick
Leopard: cub
Lion: cub
Llama: cria
Louse (plural lice): nymph
Magpie: chick
Mallard: duckling
Mole: pup
Monkey: infant
Moose: calf
Mosquito: lnymph, wriggler, tumbler
Mouse: pup, pinkie, kitten
Mule: foal
Nightingale: chick
Opossum: joey
Ostrich: chick
Otter: whelp, pup
Owl: owlet, fledgling
Ox: stot, calf
Oyster: spat
Panda: cub
Parrot: chick
Peafowl: peachick
Penguin: chick
Pheasant: chick
Pig: piglet, shoat, farrow
Pigeon: squab, squeaker
Platypus: puggle
Porpoise: calf
Prairie dog: pup
Pronghorn: fawn
Quail: chick
Rabbit: kitten, bunny, kit
Raccoon: cub
Rat: pup, pinkie, kitten
Reindeer: calf
Rhinoceros: calf
Sand Dollar: larva, pluteus (free-swimming stage), juvenile (young urchin)
Seal: pup
Seastar: larva, pluteus (free-swimming stage), juvenile (young urchin)
Sea Urchin: larva, pluteus (free-swimming stage), juvenile (young urchin)
Serval: kitten
Shark: pup
Sheep: lamb, lambkin, cosset
Skunk: kit
Snake: snakelet, neonate (a newly-born snake), hatchling (a newly-hatched snake)
Spider: spiderling
Squirrel: pup, kit, kitten
Swan: cygnet, flapper
Termite: larva
Tiger: cub, whelp
Toad: tadpole
Trout: fingerling
Turkey: poult
Turtle: hatchling
Wallaby: joey
Walrus: cub, pup
Wasp: larva
Weasel: kit
Whale: calf
Wolf: pup, whelp
Wombat: joey
Woodpecker: chick
Wren: chick
Yak: calf
Yellow Jacket: larva
Zebra: colt, foal


  1. A couple of those surprised me. I have never heard a squirrel referred to as a kitten. The snake and swan names were also new to me. Interesting.

  2. Very interesting, but I think 'nymph' is wasted on the louse!