Thursday, June 2, 2011

Front Gardens Around The Neighbourhood

My husband and I love walking. When the temperature is just right – not too cold, not too hot – we’ve been known to walk for up to two hours straight. We haven’t done as much walking this spring as we have other years because it’s been a pretty wet season. But since the rain finally let up earlier this week, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a long stroll around the neighbourhood.

I took my camera along to take some photos of neighbourhood front gardens. Not all the plants have reached their full potential yet, but we ran across some nice displays. Below are a few shots I’d like to share with you.

My next door neighbours' front entrance. They change their colour scheme every year,
and always keep it simple. The result is always very pretty. Less is best, as they say.

The layout of the plants is nice, but a little more colour wouldn't hurt.

Tulips are always nice to see.

The plants here are also placed nicely, but some colour is needed. It also looks like there's space for a few more plants.

The dandelions are taking over this front lawn.

This is quite attractive. But I'm not a fan of coloured mulch. I prefer black, which blends with the soil.

This looks very promising. I'd like to go back in two or three weeks when the plants are full grown.

Very cute. Smells nice, too.

A public park. The city hadn't mowed the grass because it rained for so many days.
The dandelions obviously took advantage of that and took over.

A very nice front entrance.

Oh, hello there, Mr. Robin.

Eeeek! I could never have something like this growing near my home.

Cute display.

This looks so much nicer in person. Does anyone know what it is?

My hubby...the best photograph of the day...


  1. The NOID second-to-last:

    Spiraea x vanhouttei? Or maybe another Spiraea?

  2. Hi Matha, Interesting pics. I am with you on the colored mulch. The white bush had my sister and I wondering the same thing when we went for a stroll the other night in Kingston - one house had them around their entire property in place of a fence. It was quite stunning.

  3. I love walking around the hood and looking at people's yards too - some great and not so great ideas out there. We have a dandelion problem of our own, since we don't spray and the city no longer sprays so the city parks overflow with them. I wonder if we should just let them take over? Sigh.

  4. Thanks, Mr. Subjunctive! I will take a look at the info at the link you posted, and do a little google research on Spiraea.


    Jane, I've never really noticed this white bush before. I don't know why that is since we do some much walking. But since I've been taking along my camera, I've paid a little more attention to what's growing around the neighbourhood.


    I love these types of walks, Tatiana. I really enjoy looking at other gardens; it gives me ideas of what to do with my own. And we don't spray either for dandelions (neither does the city), so these weeds have pretty much taken over. It's gotten to a point where it's almost impossible to keep them under control. I say let them over. Or get rid of lawns.