Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Violet-Blue, Daisy-Shaped Flowers. Oh My...

We moved into this home at the end of June in 2009. That first year, I didn’t really do any gardening aside from adding a few annuals here and there. Rather, my husband and I spent the entire season cleaning up the flower beds around our home that were in total disarray. It was not a fun gardening season.

Last year I spent the entire season running around town buying little perennials to add to the revamped flowers beds. We carved out a few new areas to plant in, I picked up a few rose bushes, and we even planted a couple of trees. It was definitely a much more enjoyable period than the year before it. Nevertheless, because the majority of the plants were still so small and immature, many of them didn’t bloom like they should.

But this year is different. All that tedious work, work, work from the past two years is paying off. Those baby plants have grown; we are being showered with colour from every flower bed. I have snapped more pictures in this month than I’ve done in the entire gardening season last year. And there’ll be a lot more coming along since many of the plants haven’t flowered yet. Obviously, I will share some of these photos with you. Today, I’d like to showcase an adorable, profuse bloomer: Aster alpinus 'Dark Beauty'.

This perennial has vibrant, violet-blue, daisy-shaped flowers,
my favourite type of blooms.

Aster alpinus 'Dark Beauty' is not a long-lived plant, but
it will produce successive generations by self-seeding.

This is an early bloomer. Expect some flowers in late spring or early summer.

Aster alpinus 'Dark Beauty' is drought-tolerant, which is an added bonus.

The care level is very easy. The plant will grow about
8 - 10 inches tall and 8 – 12 inches wide.

The growth rate is medium. Choose a sunny spot for best performance.

The flowers attract butterflies, and the plant is rabbit-resistant,
which I’ve discovered this year is very important.

I have two of these perennials in my garden; neither of them bloomed last year because they were added late in the season, way past their flowering period. So I had no idea what the flowers were going to look like. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised this spring. I was in awe. If you’d like gorgeous, daisy-like blooms in your garden that are as close to blue as any flowers can ever be, pick up an Aster alpinus 'Dark Beauty'.


  1. Great pics, I purchased 2 asters this season -'pinkie' - so far I am loving them.

  2. Gorgeous, especially that last shot.

  3. Thanks, Jane. I am in love with Asters. Their flowers are stunning. I'm on the lookout for more of these plants at the garden centers. The sales should be coming along soon. I can't wait to stock up on new perennials at great prices!


    Thanks, Debra. I think I snapped a gazillion photos of these flowers. They're just so darn pretty.