Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tune Time - We're Here For a Good Time

This song takes me way back to 1977, the year I started high school. The tune is a hit by the award-winning, Canadian rock band, Trooper.


  1. I was 16 when attended my first concert and it was Trooper :) This is a great party song hehe!

  2. I don't remember them but I enjoyed the music.

  3. I love Trooper!
    The kids and I saw them at Golden Spike Days one year. My girlie was 5 at the time and up way too late, so she took a nap on the band's merchendise(sp) table. The lead singer, glanced over at her, stopped the show,lol, and we had a good laugh at the kid sleeping through a concert. The band's staff were AWESOME to let her sleep there, they had security kicking people off the table and kept them away from my sleeping girl:)

    That song is awesome! So happy and carefree:)

  4. @Debra: Way, way back... :)


    Too cool, Jane! I was also 16 when I attended my first concert. A boy in my English class had an extra ticket for Black Sabbath and asked me to go. The concert was insane: noisy, smoke-filled, crowded...not the best one I'd ever been to.


    WebDebris, I never knew who sang this song until recently even though I also loved this tune.


    No way, LaelShine! That is so awesome. The band sounds like they're really cool. Now I like them that much more :)