Monday, November 28, 2011

Favourite National Geographic Photos – Part 2

Below are my next 15 favourites from National Geographic’s 2011 annual photo contest...

This city is surrounded by

Strange but cool photo

Little eyes peeking from the sides

Another of my top favourites. I love owls, especially white ones!

This is so funny...a monkey sneaking a look from between the statues

Looking cool...

Parental love...

Looks like an apocalyptic scene

So cold that you can see the bird's breath as he sings

Another 'love is in the air' photo

Great camouflage

Gorgeous colours. This would make a great poster.

Nice photo of a bird in flight

One little lone tree in the midst of all that winter scene

Peek-a-boo...I see you...

(Visit NGM’s web site to view many more entries, and to upload your own:
National Geographic Photo Contest 2011


  1. Love the symmetry of the penguins shot!

  2. These pics are stunning - it's hard to pick a favourite.

  3. I'm struck this time by the man with the dirty face and the winter scene...*happy sigh

  4. @Debra: And the cute little baby penguin. I just want to squeeze it!


    @Jane: That's why I settled for 30 of them...LOL...

    @LaelShine: What I like about that winter scene is that lone tree. All by its little old self...