Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Much Would The 12 Days Of Christmas Cost?

Ever wondered how much it would cost to present a loved one with a gift from the items mentioned in one of the most popular holiday tunes, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’?

A lot...

Here’s the breakdown for 2011 (US$):

A Partridge in a Pear Tree: $184.99
Two Turtledoves: $125
Three French Hens: $150.96
Four Calling Birds: $519.00
Five Golden Rings: $645
Six Geese A’Laying, $162
Seven Swans A’Swimming: $6,300
Eight Maids A’Milking: $58
Nine Ladies Dancing – $6,294.03
10 Lords A’Leaping $4,766.70
11 Pipers Piping – $2,427.60
12 Drummers Drumming – $2,629.90

(From Wikipedia)
“These figures are maintained by the U.S. bank PNC Financial Services, which has been tracking the cost of the items in the popular Christmas carol since 1984. They compile both a "Christmas Price Index" and "The True Cost of Christmas." The "Christmas Price Index" is calculated by adding the cost of the items in the song. The "True Cost of Christmas," however, is calculated by following the exact instructions in the song (buying a partridge in a pear tree on each of the twelve days, buying two turtle doves from the second day onward, for a total of 22 turtle doves, etc.) for the complete set of 364 items.”

Below are the figures since the 80s.

Pretty amazing, huh? I guess those Lords A’Leaping are out of the question...

Pop into Wikipedia for more info.

Check out PNC’s Christmas Index site


  1. Going to have to scratch everything off my Christmas except the Eight Maids a Milkin. Hope everyone is thirsty! lol

  2. Very cool! I wonder if we could have gotten a better deal on Black Friday? We would have had to fear for our lives and wear a gas mask - minor inconveniences, lol!!

  3. I saw this on the news last night and had a good chuckle. A money saver trick? The humane society has doves for adoption! I think they're 15 bucks:)

  4. @WebDebris: There's going to be a big demand for the Eight Maids A’Milking. It'll end up driving the price up...:)


    @Jane: Har har har... It's ridiculous how people get so crazy on Black Friday. They act like savages.


    @LaelShine: Great idea! The first stop should always be the humane society where so many sweet animals are waiting for homes.