Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty Christmas Cards – Part 2

Below is another round of Christmas card covers I discovered on my internet journeys that – for some reason or another – really appeal to me.

(1) - This card makes me think of my childhood days. It's just all around sweet.
(2) - A jolly card with a pretty image. I like how happy the snowman looks.
(3) - I love the festive feeling. Lots of excitement in this card.

(4) - Simple and elegant.

(5) - Youthful and magical.

(6) - Modern and cool.

(7) - I like the assortment of greetings, and the pretty bow.

(8) - Just a nice festive-looking card with a traditional look.

(9) - I don't like the cold, but I do like a winter scene on a card.

(10) - Modern style cards always appeal to me.

(11) - I like the addition of world flags carried by doves.

(12) - Very festive green.

(13) - Nice modern look.

(14) - I really like the magical blue colours.

(15) - There's a snowman in it, and that's good enough for me.
 Did you like any of the above? Which one(s) appealed to you?


  1. #5 is my fave - I like the retro feel :)

  2. @Debra: Glad you enjoyed them!


    @Jane: Definitely retro!