Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's Trivia - Wacky Laws (Part 4)

Below is a list of wacky laws from around the world that I’ve assembled from many sources around the internet. Some of them are so extreme that you have to wonder whether they’re real or not. I also assume that some of them made sense when they were created, which, in many cases, was a very long time ago. Either way, most of them are, at the very least, entertaining.

- In Youngstown, Ohio, it is illegal to run out of gas.

- It is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, and other domesticated animal kept as pets in Zion, Illinois,

- It England, it is illegal for a cab in the City of London to carry rabid dogs or corpses.

- It is illegal for a man to drink with a woman in an Edmonton beer parlour in Alberta.

- It is illegal for children to eat ice-cream cones on the streets on the Sabbath in Ottawa.

- It is illegal for men to wear make-up in the Sudan, and for a woman to apply make-up on a man.

- In British Columbia, it is illegal for anyone to kill a Sasquatch.

- It is illegal in Minnesota to tease skunks.

- It is illegal in Nebraska for a mother to give her daughter a perm without a state license

- It is illegal in Rhode Island to throw pickle juice on a trolley.

- Denying the existence of God is illegal in Vermont.

- It is illegal in Vermont to whistle underwater.

- Keeping an alligator in a bathtub is illegal in Fairbanks, Alaska.

- It is illegal to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas.

- It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit in Sarasota, Florida.

- It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing in Texas.

- It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday Sunday in Australia

- It is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor in Denver.

- It was once illegal to own a pet dog in Iceland.

- It’s illegal for chicken to lay their egg on a Friday or Saturday in Israel. (How do you make them understand this?)

- It’s illegal to tear a phone book in half in Montana.

- It's against the law in Willowdale, Oregon, for a husband to curse during sex.

- It's against the law to get a fish drunk in Oklahoma.

- It's against the law to walk down the street while reading in New York City.

- In New Mexico, it's legal for couples to have sex in a parked vehicle during their lunch break from work, as long as the car or van has drawn curtains to stop strangers from peeking.

- It's safe to make love while parked in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Police officers aren't allowed to walk up and knock on the window. Any suspicious officer who thinks that sex is taking place must drive up from behind, honk his horn three times and wait approximately two minutes before getting out of his car to investigate. (Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?)

- Kansas makes it illegal for any person to swim wearing a polka dotted bathing suit before 12.00 noon.

- Karate films were banned in Iraq in 1979.

- Kenosha, Wisconsin makes it illegal for a person to have an erection in public even if the person is wearing clothes.

- Key West, Florida, has an ordinance prohibiting turtle racing within the city limits.

- Lawmakers made it obligatory for everybody to take at least one bath each week on Saturday night in Vermont.

- Lovers in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, should avoid satisfying their lustful urges in a parked car. If the horn accidentally sounds while they are frolicking behind the wheel, the couple can face a jail term.

- Mailing an entire building has been illegal in the US since 1916 when a man mailed a 40,000-ton brick house across Utah to avoid high freight rates. (This is just too funny...)

- Mexico prohibits under-balcony serenades of more than one hour.

- Navy ships that enter London Port must provide a barrel of rum to the Constable of the Tower of London. (Happy constable...)

- New York requires people to get a license to use a clothesline outside the house. (Not very environmentally friendly...)

- No man in Pennsylvania may purchase alcohol without written consent from his wife.

- No woman may have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance within the boundaries of Tremonton, Utah. If caught, the woman can be charged with a sexual misdemeanor and "her name is to be published in the local newspaper." The man isn't charged, nor is his name revealed.

- Non-Christians have been banned from being within 20 meters of churches in Rovato, Italy. The move, instigated by the local government, has angered police because a major highway passes within 15 meters of one of the churches. Officers claim that they cannot be expected to stop motorists and demand to see a Baptism Certificate.

- North Andover, Massachusetts prohibits its citizens from carrying "space guns."

- North Carolina has a law that ban people from swearing in front of cadavers. The law also sets out guidelines transporting the recently deceased after one funeral firm was caught piling stiffs onto the back of a pick-up truck. It outlaws 'profanity, indecent or obscene language in the presence of a dead human body' making it technically illegal to say the 'f' word in front of a hearse!

- On Staten Island in New York, it is illegal for a father to call his son a faggot or queer in an effort to curb girlie behavior.

- Owensboro, Kentucky makes it illegal for a woman to buy a new hat for her husband without her husband trying it on first.

- Picking your nose on Saturday is forbidden in Israel.

- Pillows are considered “passive” weapons under German law.

- Pushing a live moose out of a moving airplane is considered an offense in Alaska.

- Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked in Massachusetts.

- South Carolina does not allow unmarried women to buy edible panties.

- The bloodhound is the only animal in the world whose evidence is admissible in court.

- The Egyptian government banned male belly-dancing in 1837 because of the enthusiastic riots that it caused.

- The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.

- The only country in the world to never have censorship for adult films is Belgium.

- The owner of every hotel in Hastings, Nebraska, is required to provide each guest with a clean and pressed nightshirt. No couple, even if they are married, may sleep together in the nude. Nor may they have sex unless they are wearing one of these clean, white cotton nightshirts.

- The Swedish constitution protects the right of reindeer-herding.

- Theater owners are forbidden to start a movie that will end after 2 AM in Toronto.

- Under Alabama law, anyone who wears a false mustache in church and causes "unseemly laughter" is subject to arrest.

- Under California state law, it is illegal to peel an orange in a hotel room.

- Using profanity on playgrounds and in public parks is against the law in Columbia, MD.

- In Natoma, Kansas it's against the law to practice knife throwing at men wearing striped suits. (I’d love to know why this law came to be...)

- Whale hunting is strictly forbidden in Oklahoma.

- Winnetka, Illinois theater managers can kick out any patron who has "odoriferous feet." (Love this one...)

- Women are prohibited from wearing patent leather shoes in public in Ohio.

- Women in Joliet, Illinois, can be arrested for trying on more than six dresses in one store.

- You can't use elephants to plow cotton fields in North Carolina.

- Zion, Illinois has a law that indicates that a person cannot make faces at any individual.


  1. Something tells me someone once got caught doing the deed in an ambulance in Utah... lol!!

    Love the BC Sasquatch law :)

  2. "South Carolina does not allow unmarried women to buy edible panties." Do they check for marriage license like they do alcohol? Have you seen underage kids hanging out at liquor stores trying to find someone to buy them alchohol? I had this vision of unmarried women hanging outside of Fredericks...

  3. While I enjoy giggling at the laws as much as anyone, I'd like to bring up a serious point: laws are hardly ever stricken from the books, they are only added to. Which makes our present system of laws so cumbersome that it would take a lifetime to READ them all, never mind follow. Which makes the statement 'ignorance of the law is no excuse' asinine. I think it's time we cleaned up the system and started over.

  4. @Jane: Ha ha are probably right!


    @WebDebris: Ha ha ha! Or meeting sinister characters in dark alleys.


    @Tatiana: You are very right. I just don't see that happening. But I do see more and more laws being mage.