Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tricyrtis Empress

One of the loveliest flower displays in my garden is produced by Tricyrtis ‘Empress’, an unusual but beautiful plant commonly known as Toad-Lily. This is one of the last perennials to bloom; a wonderful way to end the season. Plant this pretty perennial in a spot where it can be seen. The added attraction is that it prefers a shady spot. It doesn’t get any better.

Care Requirements:

Light: Partial Shade, Full Shade

Soil Type: Normal, Sandy, Clay

Soil pH: Neutral, Alkaline, Acid

Soil Moisture: Average, Moist

Care Level: Easy

Flower Colour: Purple, White

Blooming Time: Late Summer, Early Fall, Mid Fall

Foliage Color: Deep Green

Flower Head Size: Small

Height: 70-80 cm (27-31 inches)

Spread: 45-60 cm (18-23 inches)

Growth Rate: Medium

This is one perennial I am definitely looking forward to next gardening season.


  1. The toad lily sure is a beautiful plant. Perhaps it should go on my wish list. It has been a couple of years since I've grown lilies because of the red lily beetle.

  2. It's very exotic looking. Looks like it should be in some rain forest!

  3. Plant away, Crafty Gardener. The red lily beetle is not interested in this one.


    Jane, it reminds me of orchids. Its flowers are just as lovely.