Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogger Commenting Issues Possibly Resolved

I'm not sure if the problems are completely resolved, but I was finally able to comment on some blogs I couldn't comment on before, so here's hoping the issues have been dealt with, or are at least almost over. I have reverted my commenting style back to the embedded form (commenting form is right below each post) and we'll see what happens. If I notice that the problem reoccurs, I’ll revert back to a popup window for commenting as I’ve been doing for the past few days. For now, let’s try out the embedded from, and take it from there.


  1. Now that sounds like my cat. Too funny.

  2. Greedy cat, lol! I am going to revert back too... fingers crossed :)

  3. @WebDebris: Cats can be so darn funny sometimes.


    @Jane: I can see the comments and even write something, but as you can see there are still problems. I can't reply directly to people. Oh well, it's a start...