Monday, January 2, 2012

Shameful Racism In Canada

I hate to start 2012 with negative news, but this is a very vital story that I need to share with all my readers, particularly my fellow Canucks. We need to be aware of what’s going on in our country, and we need to constantly work on improving our nation to make it a safe and happy home for everyone.

The story that has infuriated me is as follows:

An Ontario couple’s holidays were anything but merry when their home was vandalized on Christmas Eve. Parts of their property were smashed and racial epithets were carved into their car. Apparently, this was not the first time that they dealt with this. And all because they are a mixed-race couple. Imagine that.

The news article:

Racist attacks return for Ont. couple on Christmas Eve

Rita Brown and Seun Oyinsan say they want to sell their Newmarket, Ont., home, even if it means losing money, because of the racially motivated attacks that began last summer.

The couple has lived in their home, which is just north of Toronto, for much of the past nine months. The attacks and threats began in the summer, when someone painted a swastika on their garage door and tagged their vehicles with a misspelled racial epithet.

Oyinson, who moved to Canada from Nigeria, said the incident shocked him.

"Canada is supposed to be a peaceful, multicultural and tolerant country," he told CTV News. "For me to see that just give a whole feel about Canada."

The couple also found a piece of cardboard with a message scribbled on it warning them to leave or someone would be killed.

Brown and Oyinsan decided to heed the note's advice and sell their home. However, faced with the prospect of selling the house for a loss, the couple took their home off the market four days before Christmas Eve.

It was then that the same racial epithet was carved into the hood of Oyinsan's car. Someone also smashed the lights outside the home's garage.

Brown says the attacks have left her frightened.

"I was really, really scared to the point where I don't bring my grandkids around anymore, because if something happened while we were here we'd never forgive ourselves," she said.

York Regional Police investigators have been frustrated in their efforts to determine who is behind the attacks. They went so far as to install security cameras outside the home, but after two months took them down, believing the attacks were over.

"We're going to be seeking jail time, lengthy jail time for this," Insp. Richard McCabe told CTV News. "That's how upset we are by this."

One neighbour called the attacks "absolutely disgusting" and said they are not reflective of the community.

But Oynisan said that on Christmas Day he was told by an officer that he should reconsider his decision to pull the house from the market. He says the couple is taking that advice and will sell the house.

"We have to get out," he said. "We can't live like this. This is no way to live."

The story can be found here.

Watch the video here.


To Rita Brown and Seun Oyinsan: I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is disgusting – and disturbing. And like the majority of fellow Canucks, I am outraged about this.

To Seun Oyinsan: I am ashamed that this is happening to you in a country that is primarily peaceful, multicultural and tolerant. These types of vile actions are carried out by a minority of small-minded morons, and it does not define who we are as a people.

We’re in the 21st century where I would expect by now that our species would have evolved. But I guess some of us are still swinging from trees.

My Canada – and my world - has no room for discriminatory individuals such as these. If you are one of these lowlifes, move to another planet. And let the rest of us live together in harmony.


Seun Oyinsan and Rita Brown, who are the victims of racist attacks,
are seen walking their dog in this undated image.

Racial slurs are seen tagged on Seun Oyinsan and Rita Brown's parked vehicles.


  1. Yes, I saw this on the news too. Just terrible. I hope they catch whoever is behind it. There's no place for that in Canada.

  2. It's disgusting and shocking in this day and age (ever actually, but one would have hoped things had now changed) - let alone in Canada... I would have thought no one would even bat an eye at an inter-racial couple in southern Ontario; a very multi-cultural area.

  3. I hope so, too. I'd like to see whoever is responsible for this punished. It's disgusting.

  4. Jane, things like this make me so angry, especially in this day and age when we should have evolved. And you are right; it's really surprising to see this happen in southern Ontario.

  5. They're cowards. If they have a problem with that couple, they should show up and say so, not attack anonymously in the middle of the night.

  6. You are right, Liza. That's what most of these people are - cowards


    It's truly sad, LaelShine.

  7. Hooly cow! I'm kind of shocked too, and can only assume that it's a mentally disturbed person. With that thought in mind, rather than selling my house, I'd install a good camera with infrared, (about 34.00) and bust whomever it was in the act. But that's just me... :)

  8. @Tatiana: It is shocking. As far as the move goes, I don't think it's right that these innocent people should have to do that, but I think they're afraid that someone might get hurt (especially the grandkids), and they probably don't want to risk that.