Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tune Time - Something To Believe In

This power ballad is one of my favourite songs from the band ‘Poison’. The 2nd single from their 1990 album Flesh & Blood, ‘Something To Believe in’ peaked at #4 in the US Billboard Hot 100, #5 on the Mainstream rock charts, #35 in the UK and #44 on the Australian charts. I listen to this song whenever I’m feeling philosophical. Or melancholic. Or whenever I’m reflecting on something emotional in my life. It’s a perfect song for those types of moments.


  1. It's a great song - they obviously have some deeper thoughts in their heads than what mousse gives the best hold!

  2. My neighbour girl would love you. Poison is her band! She's so cute about it.

  3. @Jane: No matter the band, sometimes they surprise you!

    @LaelShine: I was a huge fan when they first started out. Still enjoy their music. Tell your neighbour she has good taste in music!