Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

That's right...

Today is ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!’

Created by Ruth and Joe, a brother and sister in upstate New York, this holiday was founded in 1997.

The rules are very simple:

1) Eat ice cream
2) For breakfast
3) On the first Saturday in February
4) Spread the word

The rest is up to you!

There is no mention of what kind of ice cream, and how much you can eat. So...don’t hesitate to take out the BIG spoon and the BIG bowl. And all the trimmings...

Nom nom nom...

You can find more information about this glorious holiday here.


  1. WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THIS HOLIDAY BEFORE???? I've wasted 54 years of b'fast ice cream treats *sob*

  2. Heehee, Now here's a holiday worth celebrating!! That's a very yummy-looking pic :)

    1. If only we could eat like this every day - and never gain an ounce!