Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Trivia - Elephant Festival

Elephants have held a special place in Indian society for thousands of years; they have served in armies as living tanks and troop carriers, done hard labor, carried great burdens, lent dignity to official functions, and even helped level the very forests on which their lives depended. They are the living embodiment of the god Ganesh, and are considered precious, to be preserved and protected. It’s hardly surprising, then, that this magnificent animal is associated with an annual festival.

The Elephant Festival, celebrated every year in the month of March before the holi festival, is one of the most popular events held in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. Tourists and locals gather in large crowds for this celebration at the Jaipur Chagan Stadium where elephants are the center of attention.

The participating elephants are females, and their keepers take great care to decorate them with vibrant colors, flowers, jhools (saddle cloth) and heavy jewelry. Elephant polo, Elephant race, and the tug-of-war between Elephant and 19 men and women are featured events of the festival. The most beautifully decorated elephant is awarded.

This sounds like a lovely festival. It must be quite a treat to watch elephants with anklets that jingle as they walk, and hot pink elephant toenails!


  1. You know you're in trouble when even an elephant has nicer toe nails than you do...

    1. Ha ha ha...yes, this is true! And I'm in that boat. My nails are horrible!

  2. Wow, these elephants look amazing! Haha Sulky :)

  3. I love elephants, they're such intelligent and adorable creatures, they definitely deserve their own festival. Those nails are pretty funky!