Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Trivia - World’s Largest Gummy Bear

Topping the scale at 5 pounds, this enormous sweet treat comes in a variety of flavours and is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears. It measures 5.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall and 9 inches tall.

And don’t even think about gobbling one down in one sitting because each one of these heaps of sugar is 12,600 calories.

Mamma mia!


  1. I feel ill just thinking about eating that thing...

    1. I know. I've no doubt that just eating part of it would make me sick! Sugar overload.

  2. Who thinks up these things! I assume it was a promo of some sort. Can you imagine the calories!

  3. Eek1 My teeth are aching. Unfortunately that wouldn`t stop me from trying one of those critters!!