Monday, March 5, 2012

Book It - Kiss Mommy Goodbye

This week’s featured book:
Kiss mommy goodbye

Kiss Mommy Goodbye
Author: Joy Fielding


Those goodbye kisses Donna received from her children when ex-husband Victor picked them up for their day's outing with him were for all time . . . forever. Only Donna did not know that, and the memory of her children's kisses on the day they disappeared come back to haunt her, for Victor did not return. Instead, this handsome, twisted man, who had destroyed their marriage and almost destroyed Donna's sanity, vanished with her little boy and girl. And Donna was left with a lover whose love was no longer enough, a new life that had suddenly turned agonizingly empty, and a terror-filled quest to find her children that would take her across the country and beyond the law . . .

My Comments:

This is a fast-paced, suspenseful and emotionally charged novel from one of my favourite Canadian writers. You won’t be able to put it down once you start, and you will love to hate Victor, Donna’s psychologically abusive husband. In fact, he will grate on your nerves so much that you’ll wonder ‘why oh why’ his downtrodden wife doesn’t smash a cast iron skillet over his skull at some point and put an end to her misery. I won’t say more; you’ll understand what I mean when you read this book.

This is not Joy Fielding’s first book, but it is the first book I read by her. I enjoyed it so much that I went on a Joy Fielding reading binge. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since. What I love about her books is that her main character, which always happens to be a woman, reaches a breaking point, sometimes even breaks, but inevitably surprises you by the way she turns things around...


  1. What a haunting title! I have heard many good things about Joy Fielding as a writer, but I know I couldn't read this one because of the storyline - too real and scary! I am an escapist reader for the most part, unless it's history or the occasional self-help book.

    1. This one is not that bad. Joy Fielding is a pretty tame writer. But if not this book, you may want to try something else from her if you haven't read any of her stories. They're fast-paced, fun books.

  2. Oh that sounds like a great one!
    One my list!

    That's the most talked about topic in our book club, why don't these women do something to their nasty husbands?? We just can't understand it! And then of course if they finally do, it's cheers all around:)

    1. Ha ha ha...yeah, cheers all around! Your list of books to read must be a mile high. Mine is like that. I have so much trouble deciding what to read next with so many books waiting to be read!