Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nifty Pics – Amazing Macros Of Insects

John Hallmén has made a name for himself by photographing the tiny creatures he finds in the Nackareservatet nature reserve near his home in Stockholm, Sweden. Below is a small collection of fantastic macro photography of insects by this incredibly creative photographer.

A 7mm-long megachild bee locks its mandibles around a stalk to stay put during the night.

A crab spider waiting for prey.

A fall beetle on a pine twig.

A gold wasp found on a dead (but still standing) tree.

Portrait of a Green Bush Cricket (Tettigonia viridissima).

A male blue damselfly straddling the gap between two dry grass reeds.

A studio image of a large ant.

A newly awake jewel wasp on a Sedum plant.

Femal fruit fly

Ectemnius Wasp

A male anthomyiid fly on dry grass covered in frost.

Red Poplar Leaf Beetle

Stag Beetle (Female)

Trichius fasciatus (Bee Beetle)

Red eyed damsel
Aren’t they remarkable?

Be sure to visit his website and his photostream on Flickr for more stunning images.


  1. Oh Wow. Those are really amazing shots. I love it. Okay... so insects, some, kind of creep me out and you may or may not have added some interesting additions to my dreams tonight. LOL Those are really awesome shots.

    1. They really are amazing pictures. Somehow I find them less intimidating in these photos. Perhaps it's because I can see exactly what they look like rather than having my imagination conjure up weird things.

  2. Eek! Going back to the chipmunks!