Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Lone Tulip and Pretty Petunias

With the weather really warming up – finally - the perennials are starting to grow as if they’re on steroids. And that’s great. On the other hand, the spring bulbs are just about done. All except for this one single little tulip that is hanging on for dear life.

All the other tulips and all the other bulbs (hyacinth, daffodils and crocus) that share the flower bed with this flower are long gone. But this tulip is still going strong.

I didn’t notice if it sprouted a little later than the others, which would certainly explain why it’s still in bloom, but no matter what, I’m enjoying it. It’s such a pretty sight, even if it’s a lone tulip.

The danger of frost is not entirely over, but with the warm days, I just couldn’t resist picking up a few annuals to add splashes of colour around the house. Although it may have been smarter to wait another couple of weeks before bringing annuals home, I did manage to restrain myself from coming home with a car full of plants. I just picked up a few petunias. I couldn’t help it; they were just so darn pretty.

Every year, I change the colour scheme of the annuals I plant. It’s always a tough choice since there are so many beautiful plants to choose from. This year I settled on purple petunias.

I will also be adding shocking pink/violet geraniums to the mix, which seems to go very well with the purple.

I’m considering throwing in some yellow to create a nice contrast, but I’ll wait till the weather is guaranteed to be frost-free before I head out to take a look at what’s available. I’m not sure I can behave myself at the garden centers. I’ve been known to be shamefully weak in those places.


  1. So pretty! I am waiting a few more days before putting out any annuals.

    1. I'm hoping the weather remains fairly warm. Gardening season is so short already, and I hate when we lose more of it to cold and rainy days.

  2. Love those petunias! I know what you mean about bringing something home EVEn though you know you should wait. I'm lugging in a pretty hefty sized plant every night just because i couldn't bear to leave it at the nursery.

    1. It's so tempting, isn't it? All those vibrant colours, all those gorgeous flowers... How can you NOT bring something home?