Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okay Everybody...Group Hug

Yesterday, our internet was down pretty much the whole day. I’m not sure exactly when it came back on, but it wasn’t until after we had supper. I thought that the internet being down would really bother me when I sat down in front of my computer very early yesterday morning with my first cup of coffee and realized that I wasn’t going anywhere. But it didn’t.

Oh, I may have huffed and puffed for a few minutes since that is the time I use to catch up on answering emails and visiting blogs and responding to comments and reading the news and working on my blog and whatnot, but then I decided to take advantage of the ‘I-have-no-internet-access-so-I-should-do-something-else’ time and do...well...something else. So I did. Do something else.

I stepped into my garden and took many, many photos of beautiful flowers. And while I was out there, I listened to the birds singing, welcoming a new day. The flowers were wet from the morning dew, which made them – and the images I took – that much more appealing.

I headed out to do some grocery shopping early and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. There were very few shoppers around, which made it a very relaxing experience.

I caught up on some chores. It wasn’t the best part of my day, but at least it’s all over and done with.

My daughters spoke to me. And to each other. Since they couldn’t glue themselves to Facebook or games or any other computer-related social hangout or activity that typically holds them hostage, they had no choice but to interact with another human being. In live mode.

I read my book on the deck while I did a BBQ for my gang. The smell of the food, the fresh, cool air, the sounds of the backyard critters and an enjoyable read...it was all good.

I went for a coffee with my husband after supper; one of my favourite things to do with my favourite person.

And after we got back, I enjoyed about an hour here:

Can anyone guess where that is?

Along with a book, I also had to bring along this:

Reading glasses. I can’t do without them anymore. If I’m in very bright light and the words I have to read are reasonably-sized, I could get away without wearing these. Otherwise, this pair of (cheap) reading glasses and I are good friends. Inseparable, in fact.

I personally didn’t really get back on the computer (I may have snuck on for just a bit when it came on in the evening, but I’m not confessing) until 9:30 PM. And I survived it.

But then, I thought about all of you. And wondered if there was something interesting on your own blogs. And realized that you’ve all become an integral part of my day. So, I’m happy to be back to spend time with my blogging pals.

Come on, everybody...move in a little closer for a big group hug.


There...wasn’t that nice?


  1. OK, bunch up, let me in! We'll probably set a record for biggest bunch of introverts having a group hug! I miss my computer when it's down, but you're so right about it freeing up time for all those other things. Gorgeous photos!

    1. Ha ha ha... yes, we will surely set a record. Yesterday, I was forced to focus on other things, and it was great, but I do enjoy my computer time, especially hooking up with my favourite bloggers.

  2. I so hear you! I love the net, happily entangled as I type (hehe) but I get so much more done when I stay off it (duh) and the rare occasion that it's down has given me a fright (at first) and then I just got on with my day! When we were in NZ & Aus, we had very limited access (1/2 hour/day - it was so expensive) and at first I thought I wouldn't survive - I was actually quite annoyed, but then very quickly adjusted and it really didn't matter - thank goodness I took along some books, as I am a very early riser. Love these pics - esp that second one - I am really noticing the difference in your photos already. Hugs :)

    1. I think the only time I truly don't mind is if I'm away. I get so caught up in the excitement of the trip. I hope to practice quite a bit this summer with the camera. Now that I understand what a lot of the gizmos and gadgets do on my camera, I can start to have more fun with it.

  3. I know what you mean about our little group of internet friends. It has gotten so that I worry about you all when I know something bad/sad has happened in the city/area you are in. Congratulations on your net free day and I must tell you I loved the daisy picture the most. I really love their toughness even though they still manage to look so elegant!

    1. I feel the same way, Francie. If we all lived close together, we would form our own group and meet up every now and then for a coffee or whatever, and oodles of laughs! The daisy is my favourite in the garden! It is such a pretty flower.

  4. Yes we all do get a little too caught up in our internet worlds! I must say you used your time very wisely! Your photos are just gorgeous and I love those flowers beds filled with the bright colorful daisies and such. I have trouble growing such sun loving plants because of all our shade. Glad you had some time to relax too, what a joyful day! ~Diane

    1. It truly was a joyful day, but I'm glad to be back. I really enjoy all your blogs and learning about all your news.